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Our Services

As one of the world's best carriers, Transit Logistics Solutions offers customers
a wide range of customized global transportation, logistics and supply chain
management solutions.

We employ premier technologies to provide our customers with real-time freight
visibility and valuable reporting.

Our international focus gives our customers a single solution for port-to-port or
door-to-door global distribution.

Transit Logistics Solutions experts can create a logistics strategy that streamlines
a company's transportation flow. We simplify relations with vendors, customers, and carriers. Besides creating custom solutions for inbound, outbound, and warehousing requirements, we offer a full line of value added logistics services.

Warehousing Storage is one of our many specialties. We have access to facilities all
over the country and will source the best warehouse for your needs in any city across North America. We will arrange for unloading of your trailers and store your product
when you don't have room to do so. Our services include crossdock, storage and
container stuffing/destuffing and inventory control. Truck transport servicing
cross-country Canada and the United States.

Using advanced global satellite technology; we track our shipments 24 hours a day,
7 days a week with constant communication between dispatcher and driver. This insures
all freights reach their destination on time, promptly and safely. We provide up to date,
real time shipment statues reports for all our customers.

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